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I started teaching high school English in July 2016, and after years of using professional writing and teaching those skills to students, my ambitions drive me to become a creator rather than consumer and distributor, producing work and editing content professionally.

The Tennessee Titans Have a Culture Problem

The Tennessee Titans have a culture problem, and it’s not what you think. When you hear that a team or organization has a culture problem, it usually means negative, disrespectful, lazy, or just generally focused on the wrong things. The Titans aren’t lazy by any stretch. They aren’t disrespectful. They aren’t negative. And their focus is on football.
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My Favorite Titans Plays of the Week

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Culminating Teacher Leadership Experience

While every school has commonalities and similar purposes or goals, the student population, community, and history make each school unique in its own way. I have been teaching at Farrington High School for nearly 6 years, giving me personal and up close insight into what makes Farrington unique. My own experiences and insight paired with public data and history can provide a holistic view of Farrington High School, a sprawling school that once housed the largest student body on the island of Oahu.

Critical Thinking Exercise for Peace, Justice, and Education Reform

I am a major advocate for separating a professional life from my personal life and respecting that I am an individual with my own beliefs and life outside of my work. Teaching has grown to be more and more about growing students as individuals and people rather than just subject or content area education, much of that perpetuated by our own professionals. While this is important and necessary, I feel that this narrative has created an unrealistic and insincere expectation of teachers. We are held to standards that demand us to be perfect and act in ways that no person truly acts - all things that would not be expected in other jobs.

What We've Learned About Our Fantasy League After 3 Weeks

A group of guys' 12 team fantasy league and all the trash talk that goes with it: A quarter way through the season and fantasy football is WILD. We knew that this season would be unusual with the lack of an offseason program and the potential for players landing on the COVID list, but between the slew of week 2 injuries (goddamn Met Life turf) and the explosive offenses across the NFL (#LetRussCook), this year is the most chaotic in recent memory.

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